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January 2017 IMPACT Careers in Water Resources
Guest Editor: Dr. Kim Ogren, Oregon Water Resources Department

Chances are that one reason you are a member of the American Water Resources Association, or any professional organization, is that membership benefits your career. Whether it be through opportunities to present your research, network with other water professionals, continue to expand upon your understanding and knowledge of water management--membership in professional organizations like AWRA positively impact those in the water resources profession. With this in mind, the January issue of Water Resources IMPACT focuses on providing practical advice on issues related to careers in water resources. Some articles focus on advice targeted to individuals at certain career stage. Others provide more general advice, helpful to individuals at any stage of their career. Others still offer advice to employers. Our hope is that you find at least one piece of wisdom to take to heart as you embark on a new career in water resources, continue on that journey, or move towards retirement.

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