2017 Spring Specialty Conference - Connecting the Dots: The Emerging Science of Aquatic System Connectivity
Networking Events


"Ask Me About…" Program

Monday / May 1 - Wednesday / May 3

What is the "Ask Me About…" program?

"Ask Me About…" is AWRA's way of encouraging fun and informal networking between conference attendees.

How does the "Ask Me About…" program work?

Conference attendees wear "Ask Me About…" ribbons on their nametags. During conference breaks, lunches, and networking sessions, attendees are encouraged to initiate conversation with anyone wearing "Ask Me About…" ribbons. The "Ask Me About…" ribbons function as conversation icebreakers, resulting in interesting and fun discussion among conference attendees.

How do I participate in the "Ask Me About…" program?

  • Pick up an "Ask Me About…" ribbon at the conference registration desk. Fill in the blank on your ribbon with a word(s) that provides a clue to your work, background, or professional interests. Attention-grabbing, witty, interesting, yet professional ribbon content is highly encouraged.
  • Wear your "Ask Me About…" ribbon on your nametag throughout the conference.
  • Engage in conversation with conference attendees by explaining your "Ask Me About…" ribbon.
  • For the benefit of the novice conference attendees, experienced attendees should share conference tips, provide professional advice, and facilitate networking with others.

Opening Networking Reception

Monday / May 1
5:00 PM to 6:30 PM

This event is included in the Registration Fee. All registered conference participants are invited to attend the Opening Networking Reception. Come greet old colleagues and make new acquaintances. Also, the Poster Session participants will be at their posters to answer any questions during the reception.

Additional tickets may be purchased on site at the AWRA Registration Desk. The cost of an additional ticket is $40.00.

How to Publish a Great Peer-Reviewed Journal Article

Tuesday / May 2
12:15 PM - 1:30 PM

"Grab & Go Lunch"
Speaker: Parker J. Wigington
Editor-in-Chief, Journal of the American Water Resources Association
Redding, CA

Grab some lunch and sit in on a talk by Jim Wigington, JAWRA Editor-in-Chief, who will present insights and practical steps to successfully publishing in water-related technical journals. Topics will include: defining the scope and content of a paper, who should be an author or coauthor, selecting a journal, effective writing, wise use of figures and tables, navigating the peer review process, and ways to make your journal article more visible. Ample time will be allotted for discussion of these and related topics.

AWRA Conference Luncheon

Wednesday / May 3
12:00 Noon - 1:15 PM

Patrick Halpin

Duke University
Nicholas School of the Environment
Durham, NC

Come join your colleagues for a delicious lunch and some more networking and hear a talk on ocean connectivity given by Patrick Halpin of Duke University.

This event is included in the Registration Fee. Additional tickets may be purchased on site at the AWRA Registration Desk. The cost for each additional ticket is $45.00