State Sections

AWRA is proud to be associated with 23 State Sections. These State Sections provide local networking opportunities and events, as well as a place closer to home for exploring and widening your view of water resources management.

While associated with AWRA, State Sections are their own entity. As such, membership in a state section does not include membership in AWRA or vice versa. To start a new State Section, see below for application information. To join an existing State Section, visit the section website:

Alabama | Alaska | Arkansas | Northern California | Colorado 

Delaware | FloridaGeorgia | Idaho | Indiana | Montana

National Capital Region (Maryland, Virginia & Washington, DC) | New Jersey 

New Mexico | North Carolina | Ohio | Oregon | Pennsylvania

Philadelphia Metropolitan Area | Tennessee | Utah Washington | Wisconsin

Grow Your Organization as an AWRA State Section

AWRA Sections are developed by those who wish to actively collaborate with AWRA and other chapters on mission-driven initiatives, professional learning, and organizational growth endeavors. AWRA Sections are composed of a vibrant network of multidisciplinary water resource management professionals committed to the mission of AWRA. We work together to increase the recognition and contributions of our members, provide networking opportunities, information exchange, professional development, and education about water resources and related issues. Our 20-section network is a leading force in creating opportunities for emerging leaders in water resources management. Sections are autonomous 501(c)3 organizations, each with their own purpose and priorities, but they are also an extension of AWRA's community. Our priority is to offer reciprocal, meaningful engagement opportunities between AWRA and each section that results in advancing our mission - locally and nationally. Under the strategic direction of the AWRA Board of Directors, the section program is led by AWRA staff to support section development. Section leaders are offered a variety of leadership opportunities to engage with and contribute to the network, sharing their ideas, and expertise.

I found being involved in my local section and at the national level made me the business person I am today. As a volunteer, you think you are serving to support and improve the water resources profession but, serving is the best education I can get. Volunteering and attending AWRA events placed me around like-minded professionals who share common experiences, making it easy for me to learn what is best for my company and career.” - Melanie Brown

2024 State Section Leader Call Schedule

All times are U.S. Eastern
January 24
 | 12:00-1:30 PM
March 6 | 12:00-1:30 PM
May 8 | 12:00-1:30 PM
July 10 | 
12:00-1:30 PM
September 18 | 12:00-1:30 PM
November 13 | 12:00-1:30 PM

If you are a section leader and would like to participate in the call, please email [email protected].

Requirements to Become an AWRA State Section

AWRA requires the following information and documents for state section formation:

  • Letter of Intent to AWRA (sample provided).
  • Roster of local AWRA State Section members (a minimum of ten members is required).
  • Roster of AWRA State Section board members (a minimal of five committed individuals); State Section Presidents and President-elects have to be paid national members of AWRA. State Section leaders should strongly encourage membership and participation with National AWRA.
  • Website created with approved AWRA logo, mission, vision, objectives, and a list of Board of Directors, and primary contact information (sample provided).

AWRA State Section Benefits

AWRA is working on a robust menu of benefits and resources to grow AWRA State Sections and promote opportunity for members and stakeholders in the community. Please see a list of those benefits below.

Section Network

  • Access to 3,000 AWRA members and stakeholders (job referrals, workforce, best practice, emerging trends, etc.).
  • Network of 20+ sections whom collaborate on issues to raise the water resources management profession in our communities.
  • Leadership opportunities to collaborate and gain professional development by serving on AWRA local and national committees and advisory groups.
  • Support and promote your events and your sections' members across the AWRA community.
  • Recognition of your work through section and national highlights featured in AWRA publications, meetings/events, and other communications.

Section Organizational Development

  • Improve your state section leadership: AWRA is planning on having a workshop for state section leaders at the Annual Water Resources Conference which we will call the AWRA State Section Summit. Summit includes networking, information exchange among sections, lightening talks on emerging trends, training on association management principals, sharing best practices, announcements of AWRA initiatives and collaboration opportunities, and guest speakers who talk about the issues you care about most.
  • Learn to run your state section: Bi-monthly interactive meetings focused on association management best practices and how to grow your state section as well as leaders of sections with an all-volunteer structure to share their solutions.
  • Advance your practices: User-generated library of tools, resources, and best practices of section organizational needs (In progress).
  • Access to the Section Leader Directory: Contacts and organizational information of all state sections within the network.

AWRA National Meetings/Conferences

  • Recognition of leadership: Special access seating for section leaders
  • Recognition of your contribution: State Section Rewards and Recognition Program
  • Strengthen your brand: Opportunity to participate in the conference and co-marketing program for sections that host annual conferences
  • Promotion: Publicity to conference attendees of section activities at AWRA Conferences


If you actively engage in our community, your career and organization will benefit. We offer multiple opportunities for engagement via conferences, social media, webinars, committees and publications.

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