A few years ago, I was inspired at one of my visits to the Science Museum of Minnesota...

President's Message | July/August 2022

I hope you are enjoying the summer months. A few years ago, I was inspired at one of my visits to the Science Museum of Minnesota (and no, it was not about the famous purple hoodie from Stranger Things). I was sitting in the IMAX movie theater watching a movie titled Dream Big. As you can guess from its title, the movie was inspirational. One moment in the show highlighted the work of Bridge for Prosperity. This nonprofit focuses on connecting communities to health care, jobs, and schools through safe passages over rivers that would isolate them from these amenities. As you might imagine, I teared up. Seeing how a “dream” became a reality was truly impactful.

This is why I am so excited to share with you this issue of Water Resources IMPACT on hydrophilanthropy. Philanthropy is just not about money. It is also about filling a void in a community to help it to be healthy. As professionals, we can do this in many ways—through volunteering or creating a foundation or nonprofit. And volunteering can be done in so many ways. It is not only about putting something together. It is also about the people that you connect with and how you can grow together. These connections bring synergy to any work. In this issue, you will read about all kinds of connections and how they have contributed to making a difference in the lives of many. I hope you will enjoy reading about the ingenuity, creativity, and passion of members of our water community.

Don’t forget to save the date for the AWRA 2022 Annual Water Resources Conference on November 7–9 in Seattle, and let’s connect! Let’s bring more synergy to our work, share ideas, and collaborate. Workshops will be held on November 6, and registration is already open. I am looking forward to meeting everyone in person again. Enjoy the last few weeks of summer.

Claire Bleser is the 2022 president of AWRA.


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