The A. Ivan Johnson Award for Young Professionals

This award recognizes and encourages young professionals as the future leaders of water resources research, management, and education. It will be given annually (or such time as duly qualified candidates are identified) to a young professional who has demonstrated outstanding achievements, talents, and leadership potential through their professional activities related to water resources.

Criteria for Award: The person chosen for this award should be employed in a full?time professional capacity in water resources or related fields for at least two (2) years but not more than eight (8) years. The applicant must have demonstrated outstanding professional and leadership talent and potential while in a full?time professional position through the following criteria: (a) significant contribution of service to a professional association; (b) excellence in work performance; and (c) completion of work that produced significant contribution to the understanding, management, planning, science, engineering, policy, or education of water resources.

Procedure for Nomination: Credentials of candidates for consideration should be submitted to the Awards/Nominations Committee Chairperson. Material to be submitted must include: (a) the description of professional and biographical information, (b) a summary of the candidate’s contribution of service to a professional association; (c) a summary description or documentation of “completed work” (as described in item c above; and (d) two letters of recommendation speaking to the candidate’s “excellence in work performance” ? one from the candidate’s employer and a second from an AWRA regular member who is someone other than the candidate’s employer. The documentation must be thorough and address the nature of the attributes specified for the Award so that valid judgments can be made by the Awards/Nominations Committee.


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