2020 Virtual Annual Water Resources Conference Field Trips

Virtual Field Trips are happening! Submit your idea by October 9, 2020

Submit Your Idea

Since we can’t be in person to go on a field trip, we are having virtual field trips this year! However, we decided to add a twist. We are asking conference attendees to submit their very own virtual trip and only 5 virtual field trips will be accepted and added to the program!


First Place Winner Receives: $250.00 Gift Certificate, one complimentary registration to the AWRA 2020 Annual Water Resources Conference; and bragging rights!
Second Place Selection Receives: $100.00 Gift Certificate, one complimentary registration to the AWRA 2020 Annual Water Resources Conference. 


Virtual field trips can use various video platforms and our conference attendees will take us to all kinds of places around the states!
  1. You will submit a virtual field trip video that is limited to 15 minutes.
  2. During your field trip, you will need to explain your field as if it were a guided tour; walking conference attendees through a virtual exploration and discovery of what theme/topic/location you are most excited about in your area of the country. The sky is the limit!
  3. The quality of your video needs to be at least 360p (For example, in case of 360P, the 360 stands for number of pixels and P stands for progressive).
  4. We will accept a maximum of five virtual field trips to present during the conference on November 9 – 11. We hope your virtual tour will make the cut!
  5. Notify Roger Copp of your submission by Friday, October 9, 2020 close of the business day.
  6. Submit your video to Dresden Farrand by Friday, November 2, 2020.

During the conference, we will schedule a Live 30-Minute Q & A session about your virtual field trip. A crucial part of your field trip is the knowledgeable host, so your field trip needs to include a commitment from someone who will host and facilitate 30-minutes of conversation, and your submittal needs to identify the host who will be able to answer questions during the live chat. This host can also just be you! How will the winner be chosen? All conference attendees who attend all 5 virtual conferences will have the opportunity to vote at the end of the field trip. The field trip that receives the highest number of votes will be announced post-conference! May the best host win!


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