2020 Virtual Geospatial Water Technology Conference: Student Workshop

Student-only: True Colors Personal Success Workshop - FREE
Tuesday, August 11 | 3:30 - 6:00 PM ET


Meet Your Certified True Colors Facilitator: Esther M. Weekes, Ed.D.  

LIMITED TO 30 STUDENTS! True Colors is a powerful, easy to use, easy to understand and a memorable temperament/personality model. The True Colors methodology helps improve many elements of daily life including communication, collaboration, and building stronger relationships. The Personal Success workshop is facilitated by a True Colors Certified Facilitator and each participant receives the “Keys to Personal Success” … a 25-page workbook, which includes the four True Colors Character Cards. Give aways will also be distributed as a learning wrap-up!

True Colors is a metaphor for understanding human characteristics. It helps us see and use different ways of rewarding and supporting people’s natural behaviors and values. Behind it are these fundamental beliefs and guiding principles:
1. People are intrinsically different. They strive to achieve a sense of self-worth from very different perspectives.
2. Identification with these differences can be accomplished through the use of metaphors such as “characters” and “color”.
3. Entertainment is the most broadly appealing and universal context for communicating these messages.
4. We all have the full spectrum of colors - Orange (Skillfulness), Gold (Duty), Green (Knowledge), Blue (Authenticity).

The Personal Success Workshop allows each participant to discover his/her True Colors and teaches them the basic theories behind their color spectrum. They will complete this workshop with enough understanding to enable them to immediately apply it in their surroundings. It will introduce participants to a new way of understanding themselves and others. They learn to communicate more effectively and work with others more harmoniously and productively. Participants will learn ways to apply True Colors® to understand and value the differences between people as well as see your unique qualities to help create unity and strengthen relationships in the workplace, home and community- wherever you interact with others on a daily basis.


It provides all of us with an opportunity to open our hearts and minds to our own potential.
It helps us recognize and encourage potential in others.
It teaches us to bridge the gaps in communications, leading to respect and compassion for ourselves and others.
It opens doors to successful relationships and climate for effective communication.
Softens tensions within groups in a format that is fun, enjoyable and a safe environment for personality discoveries.


Participants will discover their True Colors® spectrum to discover each person’s creativity, insights and innovation in the world of work and beyond with family and friends;
Participants will learn the meaning behind each of the colors in their spectrum and share the experience with others;
Participants will identify and recognize their unique blend of strengths, joys and values to effectively work and interact with others; and
Participants will learn to appreciate and celebrate their values and beliefs in a framework of metaphorical color and character that can be used.


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