2020 Annual Water Resources Conference Call for Topical Sessions


Email your proposal information to the Technical Co-chairs: Michael E. Campana - Michael.Campana@oregonstate.edu and Teresa Thornton - teresathorntonphd@gmail.com.

We are excited to announce that AWRA will hold its 2020 Annual Water Resources Conference as planned this November, though with major changes due to extraordinary circumstances. We will be 'meeting' completely VIRTUALLY.

This was not an easy decision. The AWRA Board and the Florida Planning Committee worked together to assess the pros and cons of pivoting to a virtual meeting -- taking into account health experts' projections, state and federal guidelines, news reports, and myriad travel restrictions still facing many water resources professionals. Given our number one priority is the health and safety of all AWRA conference attendees, our staff, and the surrounding community, we have decided to play it safe and go virtual for 2020. The Planning Committee, led by L. Donald Duke of Florida Gulf Coast University, and Roger Copp of Water Science Associates, seeks to present another milestone conference for others to emulate. We plan an excellent array of content and thought leadership. Our multidisciplinary approach guarantees a suite of technical presentations that will satisfy the seasoned professional and student alike. AWRA's commitment to Community, Conversation and Connection will guide our efforts.

To that end AWRA has reopened its Call for Topical Session Proposals. If you want to ensure that a particularly important water resources issue - Florida-centric or not - is addressed at AWRA 2020 now is your chance. Let us know of an oral topical session that you would like to convene at 2020 AWRA. The topic can be one of science, engineering, policy, law, management/governance, institutions, education, economics, the environment, etc. The only stipulation: it must be related to water. It will not be a Panel Presentation - those will be solicited during the general Call for Abstracts.


Topical Session Submission Instructions

How to submit? It's easy - just email the Technical Co-chairs (Michael E. Campana - Michael.Campana@oregonstate.edu and Teresa Thornton - teresathorntonphd@gmail.com) the following information in a Word document by June 2, 2020:

  1. Title of your session.
  2. Convener(s), affiliation, email and phone. If a particular organization is sponsoring the session, so indicate.
  3. Brief description (c. 150 words) of the session: what it will cover, why you feel it's significant.
  4. Potential presenters, affiliations, emails, phones, and the tentative titles of their oral presentations.
  5. Minimum of four presentations. Additional presentations should be in multiples of four.
If your proposal is accepted, the presenters will submit their own abstracts when that time comes. Please note: AWRA is unable to support the registration fees and travel expenses of presenters. Please inform your potential presenters that they or their organizations are responsible for their own expenses.

If you are unfamiliar with AWRA's format here is some salient information.
  1. Sessions are 90 minutes long, allowing for two slots in the morning and two in the afternoon.
  2. We accommodate four oral presentations in one session, allowing 20 minutes for each with 10 minutes left at the end for discussion or overflow.
  3. Concurrent sessions (3-5 at a time) increase the total number of session slots per day to 12, 16 or 20 and the maximum number of oral presentations per day to 48, 64, 80.

Questions? Contact the Technical Co-chairs
Michael E. Campana
Phone: (541) 602-4085
Email: Michael.Campana@oregonstate.edu

Teresa E. Thornton
Phone: (561) 727-0211
Email: teresathorntonphd@gmail.com


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