Water Resources IMPACT Article of the Year

Water Resources IMPACT magazine is pleased to announce our 2018 Article of the Year winner "Climate Change: Resilient Infrastructure or Infrastructure for Resilience?" written by John Matthews and published in the November 2018 issue. The evaluation process also revealed two runner-up articles:  1) "Endangered by Injustice: The Human Right to Water in the United States," by Susan Lea Smith, March 2018, IMPACT and 2) "Integrating Law, Science and a Path Forward: Opportunities for Collective Action in a Time of Change," by Lara B. Fowler, and Robert T. Caccese, November 2018, IMPACT.

Nominators had this to say about the top three articles:

  • “Matthews’ engaging writing style draws in the reader, asks critical questions, and promotes multidisciplinary approaches.”

  • “Utilizing well-researched statistics and many familiar examples of the current crisis, Susan clearly identifies the problematic lack of access to safe drinking water, and concludes her article with well-rationed and realistic starting points for a solution-based approach to cure America's water injustice.”

  • “[T]his article [Fowler, Caccese] has a broad appeal, is concise yet informative, and challenges us to think differently about the way we approach water management.”


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