JAWRA Editorial Board


Venkatesh Uddameri

Texas Tech University, USA

[email protected]


Managing Editor


Kylie Bade

[email protected]


Associate Editors

At Large

Kenneth J. Lanfear

U.S. Geological Survey (Retired), USA


Agricultural Hydrology / Socio-Hydrology

Shikun Sun

Northwest A&F University, China

Climate Change and Adaptation

Christina J. Kirchoff

University of Connecticut, USA

Disturbance Hydrology/Machine Learning

Dennis W. Hallema

North Carolina State University, USA


Lu Hao

Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology, China

Fluvial Processes

Faith A. Fitzpatrick

U.S. Geological Survey, USA

Freshwater Ecology

Laurie C. Alexander

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, USA

GIS and Geocomputation Technologies

Barnali Dixon

University of South Florida, USA

Groundwater Hydrology

Rosario Sanchez

Texas A&M University, USA

Groundwater Hydrology/Solute Transport Modeling

Ryan Bailey

Colorado State University, USA


Iris T. Stewart

Santa Clara University, USA

Soil Erosion/Water Instrumentation

Aaron Mittelstet

University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA

Statistics and Modeling

Daniel N. Moriasi

USDA Agricultural Research Service, USA

Surface Water Hydrology

Sopan D. Patil

Bangor University, United Kingdom

Water Commentaries and Literature Reviews

Stephen H. Schoenholtz

Virginia Tech, USA

Water Hydraulics and Systems Engineering

Zhenxing Zhang

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA

Water Policy and Planning

Sarah P. Church

Montana State University, USA

Water Policy and Planning

Joanna Endter-Wada

Utah State University, USA

Water Quality

Daniel J. Sobota

Oregon Department of Environmental Quality, USA

Water Resource Economics

Matthew T. Heberling

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, USA

Watershed Hydrology and Water Quality

Naresh Pai

Bayer U.S. Crop Science, USA

Watershed Modeling

Katrin Bieger

Texas A&M AgriLife Research, USA

Watershed and Wetlands Hydrology

Mark C. Rains

University of South Florida, USA

Watershed Processes and Modeling

Marcelo Ribeiro Viola

Federal University of Lavras, Brazil


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