Policy Statements


Criticality of Science to Water Resources Management

Policy Statement: Fully-informed water management decisions are vital to communities across the United States who are dealing with flood, drought, water supply, and... View More


Fresh Groundwater

Policy Statement: Given the critical importance of this water asset and given that groundwater and surface water are often interconnected resources that require full recognition of their ties to achieve sustainable water management, the American... View More  


Strategic Approaches for Revitalizing Water-Resource Infrastructure in US

Position Statement: Replacement and refurbishment of water-resource infrastructure offers tremendous opportunities to improve the nation's communities, economy, and ecosystems. In order to fully realize these opportunities... View More

Flood and Drought

Position Statement: In recognition that flood and drought frequently occur at great cost to society, the American... View More

Ensuring Sustainable Funding for Water-Resource Infrastructure

Position Statement: The American Water Resources Association recommends that policy makers at national, tribal, state, and local levels develop sustainable investment strategies for the construction, maintenance, and long-term resilience of water... View More


Organizing and Managing Water Resources in a Hydrologic Context

Policy Statement: The American Water Resources Association recommends that water resources management goals, policies and rules be integrated at hydrologic scales using physical hydrologic features (i.e., basins, watersheds, or aquifer systems)... View More  


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