The Sandor C. Csallany Institutional Award for Exemplary Contributions to Water Resources Management

Given at such time as there are qualified nominees, this award is presented to a water resources institution that has achieved a status of eminence in some aspect of managing the nation’s waters.

Award Criteria

The institution chosen for this award must be one whose record of extraordinary achievements in setting, designing, influencing, and/or implementing water-related policies, practices, or programs at the national, state, or local government level. Written documentation must be provided to demonstrate that the performance was sustained over time and that the institution’s contributions to the wise use of the nation’s water resources were of an extraordinary nature. The institution nominated may have its roots in:
  1. federal, 
  2. state, or local government,
  3. private enterprise, or
  4. public interest.
The nature of the institution’s contribution to better water management may take many paths, but it must be substantial and uncommon.

Procedure for Nomination

Material to be submitted must include historical data on the institution sufficient in depth to identify its sustained contributions to water management, supporting evidence by the nominator, and letters from three individuals distinguished in some aspect of water resources management attesting to the worthiness of the institution to receive the award. The documentation must be thorough and address the nature of the attributes specified for the award so that valid judgments can be made by the Awards Committee.

Nomination Process

The 2021 nomination process is closed. Nominations for 2022 Awards Program will be announced early next year.


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