The Richard A. Herbert Memorial Scholarships

In 1980, AWRA established the Endowment-Memorial Fund to be used for the enhancement of education in water resources. The fund has since been renamed the Richard A. Herbert Memorial Educational Fund to honor Richard A. Herbert -- a champion for water resources education -- who passed away in 1994. In order to carry out his vision, AWRA is proud to announce the availability of scholarships derived from the proceeds of this fund. 

2022-2023 Scholarship Eligibility

Information about the 2022-2023 application period will be released in early 2022.

Applicants must be an AWRA member and must be enrolled full-time for the full 2022-2023 academic year (Fall/Spring semesters or Fall/Winter/Spring quarters). At least one $2,000 scholarship will be awarded to a full-time undergraduate student working toward his/her first undergraduate degree, and at least one $2,000 scholarship will also be awarded to a full-time graduate student enrolled in a program relating to water resources. 

Selection Criteria

The undergraduate scholarship will be awarded to the student member most qualified by academic performance. Measures of academic performance include the cumulative grade point average, relevance of the student's curriculum to water resources, and leadership in extracurricular activities related to water resources. The graduate scholarship will be awarded to the student member most qualified by academic and/or research performance. The measures of academic performance are identical to those of the undergraduate scholarship with the addition of the quality of the student's research and its relevance to water resources. Recipients will be selected by the AWRA Student Activities Committee and announced in May 2021.

Application Process: Closed

A complete application packet must be completed online and contain:

  • Title page that includes the applicant's full name, permanent mailing address, email address, phone number where he or she may be easily reached, and the type of scholarship (undergraduate or graduate).
  • Two-page summary (approx. 500 words) of his/her academic interests and achievements, extracurricular interests, and career goals as they relate to the above selection criteria.
  • Resume or curriculum vitae.
  • Three signed letters of recommendation from professors and/or advisors. Letters of reference MUST include the signatures of the referee - PDFs of the signed letters work best.
  • Transcripts of all college courses (undergraduate and graduate). Legible copies of "Issued to Student" transcripts are acceptable to save on fees but unofficial grade reports (such as those students can access from their online student accounts at the university) are unacceptable. Application packets that include unofficial grade reports will not be considered. Transcripts from foreign institutions must have English translations, as well as calculations to 4.0 GPA scale.
Applications were due to be submitted online through AWRA's portal by May 3, 2021. AWRA will provide an acknowledgement of receipt of your application but will not provide updates to your application status or request missing information. Please make sure your application is complete when it is submitted. We look forward to hearing from you.

*The AWRA Board of Directors may, at its sole discretion, approve additional scholarships based upon the performance of the Memorial Fund.

2021-2022 Scholarship Recipients

Graduate Recipients | PhD

Winner: Yulin Zheng
University of Florida
PhD Candidate, Agricultural and Biological Engineering

Runner-up: Kyle Proctor
Oregon State University
PhD Candidate, Water Resources Engineering

Graduate Recipients | Masters
Winner: Lukman Fashina
East Tennessee State University
Master of Science, Geosciences

Runner-up: Daniel Sanchez
Colorado State University
Master of Science, Civil Engineering

Undergraduate Recipient | Bachelors
Winner: Jacob E Shemer
Virginia Polytechnic University
Bachelor of Science, Water: Policy, Resources, and Management


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