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Advances in Flowing Waters - Archived Issues

2015: Volume #13
Low Impact Development for Sustainable Development and Stormwater
2014: Volume #12
Runoff and Nonpoint Sources Control using LID for the Boise River
Watershed, Idaho
2013: Volume #11
Water for Mega Cities: Challenges and Solutions
2012: Volume #10
Auto-Integrating Multiple HEC-RAS Flood-line Models into Catchment-wide SWMM Flood Forecasting Models
2011: Volume #9
A Brief Introduction of Advisory Committee on Water Information (ACWI)
2010: Volume #8
Water Resources Sustainability
2009: Volume #7
Hydrologic and Watershed Model Integration Tool (HydroWAMIT) and Its Application to North & South Branch Raritan River Basin
Sustainable Watershed Planning and Design Using Bioengineered Solutions
2008: Volume #6
Water Quality Impacts of the Invasive Species Autumn-olive
Impacts of Climate Change, Population Growth, Land Use Change, and Groundwater Availability on Water Supply and Demand across the Conterminous U.S.
Predicting When the Well Will Go Dry: A Review of Commonly-Used Models for Water Supply Planning and Management
2007: Volume #5
Newsletter by Subcommittee on Flood Control: - Analysis of the Levee Certification and Inspection Process - The Role of Geographic Information Systems in Computer Modeling
Establishment of Instream Flows in North Florida - Part II
2006: Volume #4
Raritan Basin Targeted Watersheds Grant: Creating the Basis for Successful Implementation
Streambank Retreat: A Primer
Watershed Management and the Emerging Environmental Cyberinfrastructure
Development of Nutrient Sub-Modules for Linkage with Hydraulic and Hydrologic Modeling Systems
2005: Volume #3
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Water Quality Trading Policy: New Opportunities for Environmental Advocacy Groups?
Surface Water Assessment of Three Louisiana Watersheds
The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Map Modernization Program
Urbanization and Runoff in the Whiteoak Bayou Watershed
Watershed Assessment, a Critical Component of Stream Restoration
Rain Water Harvesting
2004: Volume #2
Sanctuary Program for Golf Courses to Improve Water Quality
Raritan Basin Targeted Watersheds Grant
Management of New York City Water Supply Lands
Density by Design Symposium: A “watershed event” promoting compact growth and open space
Latest on Flood Insurance Program and Digital Mapping Tools
Stream-Air Temperature Relationships as Indicators of Groundwater Inputs
2003: Volume #1
A Team-Based Approach to Watershed Management Plan Implementation
FEMA Map Modernization Plan and Updates to NOAA/NWS Rainfall Frequency Atlases
Establishment of Instream Flows in North Florida
From AWRA State Section: Thirteenth Tennessee Water Resources Symposium
Application of GIS Technology in Watershed-based Management and Decision Making
Success and Benefits of Stream Restoration