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January 2018 IMPACT
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January 2018 Water Resources IMPACT

Issue theme: The National Water Model
Guest Editors: Steve Kopp and Sandra Fox

What if we could forecast streamflow and floods as we forecast the weather? Know days or weeks in advance how much water will be in a stream? How many lives would be saved? How much property could be protected with advanced notice of impending flood water? Technological advancements made through collaborative efforts led by NOAA have produced the National Water Model.

This issue explores the vision, technology, and application of this valuable new hydrologic forecasting system. Input from the private sector, governmental agencies and academia are provided.


The National Water Model Vision
The advent of a new era in hydrology for the United States.
By David R. Maidment

Transforming NOAA Water Prediction: The New National Water Model
A new modeling system to improve the spatial and temporal resolution of water predictions for the United States.
By Thomas Graziano

Perspectives on the National Water Model
A roundtable review from five agencies, sharing their involvement and thoughts on the future of NWM forecasts.
By Steve Kopp

FloodCast: A Framework for Enhanced Flood Event Decision Making for Transportation Resilience
Developing a way for emergency responders and other public safety officials to receive instantaneous inundation and water depth data via smart devices.
By Mat Mampara

Hurricane Harvey and the National Water Model
This recent event exemplifies the call to action - why we need the National Water Model.
By David R. Maidment

Contributions of the Academic Community in Advancing the National Water Model
University Summer Institute program engages graduate students in applications of the NWM.
By Jerad Bales

Turning on the Faucet: Making National Water Model Data Flow>
How do you turn hundreds of gigabytes of daily output into useable information?
By Fernando Salas

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