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Eric Fitch

 IMPACT Editor-in-Chief
 Eric Fitch





What were you doing in 1991? The Oscars were dominated by “Silence of the Lambs” that won for best picture, best director (Jonathan Demme), best actor (Anthony Hopkins), best actress (Jodie Foster) and Best Writer/Screenplay (Ted Tally). (Everything I Do) I Do It for You by Bryan Adams topped the Billboard 100 rankings. Superbowl XXV was won by the New York Giants, the NBA Championship by the Chicago Bulls, and the World Series by the Minnesota Twins. The year began in the midst of the 1st Gulf War and the Soviet Union officially dissolved on December 31.

It was also the year that AWRA stopped publishing HYDATA and began publishing Water Resources IMPACT.

After serving 5+ years as HYDATA’s Editor, Earl Spangenberg took over as the Editor-in-Chief of IMPACT and he served in that role from January 1991 to December 2013. We honored Earl as best we could at AWRA’s Annual Conference in Portland, Oregon, in November 2013 and the torch was passed on to me.


Hi, I’m Eric Fitch, the new Editor-in-Chief of Water Resources IMPACT.

I grew up on a farm outside the village of Monroeville, Ohio. I received a B.S. in Biology from St. Meinrad College (Indiana), an M.En. in Environmental Science from Miami University (Ohio) and a Ph.D. in Resource Development from Michigan State University specializing in Environmental Policy and Law and Public Policy. I directed the Coastal Zone Studies Graduate program at the University of West Florida (Pensacola) from 1991 to 1997, and have been on the faculty of Marietta College (Ohio) directing the undergraduate program in EnvironmentalScience since. I’ve served as an Associate Editor of IMPACT for over a decade. I hope over the next few months and years that the AWRA staff, our volunteer associate editors and myself will continue to produce a product that you, the members will enjoy, learn from, and hopefully be surprised by on occasion. I look forward to hearing from you, our members, and will strive to live up to the great example of my predecessor.

Eric Fitch