2013 Water for Mega Cities  Conference - Challenges and Solutions
Final Program

Conference Theme

Mega Cities like Beijing and others are facing profound challenges in securing and managing adequate and reliable water resources. Increasing urbanization, population and economic growth and major changes in hydrologic and climatic conditions all impact water supplies and water quality. American Water Resources Association and Beijing Hydraulic Engineering Society are cosponsoring this first international Specialty Conference on Water for Mega Cities: Challenges and Solutions to provide a unique international forum to exchange experiences and advances in science and policy for water resource planning and sustainable water management for Mega Cities.

Conference Objectives and Benefits of Participating

Forbidden City - Beijing

Adequate and reliable water resources are essential to the sustainable development of Mega Cities. Around the world, water managers, engineers, scientists and policy makers are working together to develop and implement solutions to address water issues facing Mega Cities. The aims of this international forum are fourfold: 1) present new findings in and approaches to integrated water resources management and urban hydrology; 2) promote communications among scientists, engineers, managers, stakeholders, and policy- and decision-makers on water resources management challenges and solutions; 3) share real-world experiences in addressing water management challenges under changing conditions; and 4) present management applications and guidelines to address water issues in urban environments.

Beijing City is China's capital, and an important center of politics, the economy, and education. With a population of around 19 million, Beijing is certainly one of the world's Mega Cities. Much can be exchanged and learned from Beijing's water supply planning and management experiences and those of Mega Cities in other countries facing similar water resource challenges and solutions.

This three-day conference will assemble scientists, engineers, practitioners, water managers and professionals from academia, government agencies, private institutions and consulting organizations to share their findings, experiences, opinions, and interests on water resources planning and management of Mega Cities.

The focus of the conference is to present both scientific results and real-world experiences in integrated water resources management and to discuss lessons learned and explore innovative solutions to water problems in Mega Cities including the challenges of extending service to low income residents within city limits and in peri-urban areas. Both local and international participants will benefit from this conference in developing ways to address and avoid water crises when faced with changing climate, population growth and urbanization.

The American Water Resources Association (AWRA) offers superior technical programs presented with a balanced and friendly approach to problem solving on an international and local level. AWRA is the premier organization dedicated to the advancement of multidisciplinary water resources management and research. For over 48 years, AWRA has provided a forum for water resources conversation and networking. AWRA has members in over 50 nations worldwide. The local host, Beijing Hydraulic Engineering Society (website in Chinese) administrated by Beijing Water Administration of the Government of Beijing was established in 1957 as a non-profit organization. It has 3156 individual and 68 institution members from central government and research institutions, industries, water supply agencies, and universities in Beijing.

Major Conference Themes
1. Water Resources Management
2. Urban Water Supply Reliability and Quality Protection
3. Watershed, Aquifer, and Environmental Protection and Management
Ge Sun Chen Tie
Dr. Ge Sun
General Conference Co-Chair
Research Hydrologist, US Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, USA
Professor Chen Tie
General Conference Co-Chair
Chief Engineer, Beijing Water Authority and Executive Vice President, Beijing Hydraulic Engineering Society (BHES), China
Ari Michelsen Wang Hao
Professor Ari Michelsen
Technical Program Co-Chair
Texas A&M University and Director, Texas A&M AgriLife Research and Extension Center, USA
Professor Wang Hao
Technical Program Co-Chair
chair), Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research, China