2013 Water for Mega Cities  Conference - Challenges and Solutions
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FIELD TRIPS - Wednesday Sept. 18, 2013

Route 1: Jingmi diversion canal and Miyun Reservoir

With a total length of 105 km, the Jinmi Canal was built in the early 1960s to transfer water from the Miyun reservoir to Beijing. It links up with Miyun Reservoir, Huairou Reservoir and Tuancheng Lake in the Summer Palace, is an important potable water source in the capital.

Miyun Reservoir currently stores 1 billion m3 of water, with a total designed capacity of 4.3 billion m3. The discrepancy between reserves and capacity is due to the prolonged period of drought and withdrawal rates being greater than replenishment. The annual water inflow to the reservoir is around 200 million cubic meters while the outflow is close to 300 million cubic meters. To restrict impact on the reservoir from local inhabitants and tourists, fences have been in place around the reservoir since 1997. Notice boards exist at the main junctions and along important roads to the reservoir and around the fence enclosing the protected area to raise awareness about the danger of polluting the reservoir. A first-class protection zone and non-construction zone were established according to specifications in the regulations established by the Municipal Government in, 'Beijing Municipal Management Measures for Miyun Reservoir, Huairou Reservoir and Jingmi Canal'.

Route 2: Huinanzhuang pump station, South to North water Diversion Project

Huinanzhuang pump station is the starting point of South-to-North Water Transfer project Beijing Section. It is located in the east of Huinanzhuang Village, Dashiwo town, Fangshan District in the south west of Beijing, about 60km away from the urban area. It is adjacent to the Zhuozhou City, Hebei Province. The pump station is the only large one in the middle route of South-to-North Water Transfer project. It is the key building in Beijing section to realize pressurized water delivery for large flow rate, gravity flow for small flow rate.

The design flow rate for the station is 60m3/s. it installed total of 8 units of horizontal centrifugal pump, with 2 units as backup. The total installed capacity is 58.4MW, with each pump capacity of 7300KW. The main buildings include: inlet gate, the forebay of the station, main building, auxiliary building, inlet and outlet pipes and so on.



Thursday, Sept. 19, 2013

Great WallA sightseeing tour after the Conference could be arranged by local travel agency. Two hottest Beijing sightseeing tours are highly recommended. You may visit http://www.beijingtourtop.com/ for reference.

1. Visit the Great Wall and Ming Tombs
2. Visit the Forbidden City, Summer Palace

You can then pre-book your tour by sending your email to shuilxh@126.com. Alternatively, you may book your tour(s) on site at the Check-in desk of the conference.