2015 AWRA Annual Water Resources Conference
Professional Development

Professional Development Hours (PDH's)

AWRA has instituted a self reporting system for Professional Development Hours (PDHs). To meet education requirements for license renewal, conference attendees should report their session attendance directly to their licensing organizations. AWRA will provide at its registration desk, self-reporting forms that can be used to acquire signatures of session moderators.

Please note that self-reporting is an honor system. It places the onus on the individual to report PDHs to their licensing body. The AWRA forms are furnished as a convenience to conference attendees.

The following caveats apply to this PDH policy:

1) AWRA will not notify the licensing organizations concerning earned PDHs. This will be up to the attendee.
2) AWRA will not keep session records or enter PDHs in its record keeping system.
3) Most importantly, AWRA cannot guarantee acceptance of the PDHs by licensing boards.

Because self reporting reduces AWRA administrative costs, AWRA will not charge a fee for those wishing to obtain PDHs.