American Water Resources Association (AWRA) 2013 Summer Conference - Environmental Flows
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Welcome to Hartford and to the AWRA Summer Specialty Conference on Environmental Flows! We are intrigued by the breadth and depth of the presentations that have been submitted. We are certain that if you are only mildly knowledgeable about the subject of environmental flows you will leave the conference with much more of an understanding of the state of the science. If you are well acquainted with the science, we hope you will become even more informed in the variety of techniques, but also the application of the science in New England and in many locations in the United States. AWRA prides itself in creating opportunities for networking and so we also hope you will take the opportunity to meet as many scientists, modelers, engineers and policymakers as you can. And please-- introduce yourself to at least one student and help them understand your career path in water resources, and listen to their interests and answer questions they might have.

The Wednesday field trip has gone beyond our expectations for attendance. The day should be both educational and enjoyable and we have enjoyed putting together the various events with the committee of the Healthy Forests=Healthy Waters conference organizers. In addition, we have a rare and reasonably-priced opportunity for training in SEFA conducted by Dr. Thomas Payne, if modeling is your interest. Please, enjoy the sites in the beautiful highlands of Connecticut, and the restaurants and shops within the capital city. Most of all we wish that the conference will exceed your expectations in all aspects. Please introduce yourself to me, the conference organizers and the AWRA staff at some point, we will be very happy to hear what you think of the conference, training and field trip!

Jane Rowan Timothy Brush
Jane Rowan
General Conference Chair
Normandeau Associates, Inc.
Stowe, PA
Thomas R. Payne
Technical Program Co-Chair
Normandeau Associates, Inc.
Arcata, CA

Timothy Brush
Technical Program Co-Chair
Normandeau Associates, Inc.
Westmoreland, NH