2013 AWRA Annual Water Resources Conference
Networking Events


Open throughout the Conference

Free of charge to everyone!


AWRA Conversation Corner

The American Water Resources Association's mission is to foster communication across all disciplines involved in the water resources community thereby creating lasting connections which will help forge solutions to our nation's ever increasing water resources challenges. AWRA along will set aside a space - "Conversation Corner" - to engage your colleagues in meaningful dialogues. Internet connections will also be available to check email.

AWRA Employment Opportunity Board

  • Is there an opening at your place of employment? You can place an announcement on the Board.
  • Are you currently seeking a new job? You can put a copy of your resume on the Board and have some for distribution.
  • All current jobs listed on the AWRA website Career Page will be printed and displayed on the board.

Monday / November 4

Student Attendee Conference Orientation

4:30 PM - 5:00 PM

This conference session is open to students and other first-time professional conference attendees. The goal of the session is to teach students how to "design" their own conference experience and learn proper networking techniques that will offer the opportunity to experience all that the AWRA National Conference has to offer. Additionally, each session attendee will be asked to spend a moment or two and describe what expectations each has from the conference and the moderator will assist in realizing these expectations.

There is no charge for this orientation.

Conference Opening Networking Reception


5:00 PM to 6:30 PM

This event is included in the Registration Fee. All registered conference participants are invited to attend the Opening Networking Reception. Come greet old colleagues and make new acquaintances. Also, the Poster Session participants will be at their posters to answer any questions during the reception.

Additional tickets may be purchased on site at the AWRA Registration Desk. The cost of an additional ticket is $30.00.

Tuesday / November 5

AWRA 5K Fun Run

6:30 AM to 8:00 AM

All pre-registered participants are welcome to join us for a beautiful, casual 5K Fun Run! The run will follow a course that will take in sights near the hotel.

There is no charge for this event but please sign up prior to the conference using the Conference Registration Form. (Please meet in hotel lobby at 6:15 a.m.)


Lunch 'n Learn:

'Too Hot To Touch' - An Early Afternoon with William and Rosemarie Alley

12:00 Noon to 1:30 PM

To Hot To Touch What does 'Yucca Mountain' mean to you? To many, it conjures a number of things, many of them unfavorable. A nondescript ridge along the western boundary of what used to be called the Nevada Test Site: government incompetence; DoE SNAFU; good science; bad science; political payoff; 'Screw Nevada' bill; boondoggle; policy; gravy train; NIMS; politics; advances in hydrogeology; waste storage; NIMBY; 10,000 years.

You probably get the picture. But whether you do or not, the book Too Hot to Touch by William M. (Bill) Alley and spouse Rosemarie Alley is must reading. It chronicles the problem of high-level nuclear waste (HLW) and the USA's attempt to find a resting place for HLW and related waste, an issue the legendary J. Robert Oppenheimer once characterized as 'unimportant'. If only…

Bill, former Chief of USGS's Office of Groundwater, and Rosemarie will join us for a presentation and Q&A on HLW and related issues. They will cover the science, the policy, the relationship between the two, future prospects, and lessons learned. Painful though it may be, theirs is a tale well worth hearing, as it relates to technical issues and policy in general. WaterWonks in particular will find much fertile ground.

A grab-and-go lunch will be available for purchase. Copies of their book will be available for purchase after their talk. (The Alleys also plan to attend the conference opening Networking Reception on Monday evening.)

Jazz it up with BOY & BEAN

6:00 PM to 10:00 PM

Bean and Boy Music
View Music Video

Join the party! Come gather with us for a fun evening of great food, great company and great LIVE music by a local group, Boy and Bean. A cash bar will be available stocked with local wines and beer. Sign up now to enjoy the evening in the company of your colleagues while overlooking stunning views of the Columbia River. The event is conveniently located at the conference site, the Red Lion Hotel on the River - Jantzen Beach, so no need to board a bus, take a long walk or find a taxi. Just relax and enjoy! ~ Don't forget to pack your dancing shoes; you're going to need them!!

The cost for this evening of fun, good food and music is $38.00 until Oct. 14 and $45 afterwards.

Wednesday / November 6

AWRA Awards Luncheon

12:00 Noon - 1:15 PM

This event is included in the Registration Fee. Annually the American Water Resources Association recognizes those persons who have achieved excellence in water resources research, management, and education. .

All Conference participants are invited to attend. Additional tickets for accompanying guests may be purchased on site at the AWRA Registration Desk. The cost of an additional ticket is $40.00.

Student Career Night:

Panel of Professionals Discussion and Speed Networking


5:15 - 7:00 PM

Sponsored by the AWRA Oregon State Section and Ann Campana Judge Foundation

Join us for Student Career Night - an exciting opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students to explore water-related careers. The session will focus on a wide variety of career options in both the non-profit and for-profit sectors. It will benefit both students just starting to explore their career options and those ready to join the workforce. Students will learn about experiences and opportunities that are available in various water resources vocations and will learn how water, as a career, is evolving. Discussion topics geared toward water resources will include:

  • Career options
  • Growth industries and emerging fields
  • Graduate degrees - pros and cons
  • Entry level expectations and more!

The session will be presented in two parts. First, a panel of professionals will discuss the substance of what they do and describe their work environment. Following the panel discussion, students will have the opportunity to meet and network with professionals spanning a breadth of water resources careers in AWRA's 5th Annual Speed Networking event that will allow students to quickly meet and network with a variety of professionals from various water resources disciplines. Students will be paired with a professional member and will have 2-3 minutes to meet each other and to talk about their interests, professional aspirations, and career goals. Unlike "Speed Dating," the objective of Speed Networking is to expand one's professional network so as to maximize one's ability to refer colleagues to each other. Students will receive practical experience in meeting and talking with water resources professionals from a variety of fields, and will have the chance to exchange business cards. Students will be rotated every 2-3 minutes until they have had the opportunity to meet 10 or more professional members!

Following the Speed Networking session, a 30 minute-closing social will allow students and professional members to further develop their new connections.

Food and beverage will be provided at this event.

Twilight Briefing:

A New Day in the Klamath River Basin -

Adjudication, Drought, Science, and the Rule of Law


7:15 - 8:30 PM


Philip C. Ward, Director, Oregon Water Resources Department, Salem, OR
Doug Woodcock, Field Services Administrator, Oregon Water Resources Department, Salem OR

On Wednesday evening, November 6, conference participants will enjoy a unique Twilight Briefing, featuring up-to-the minute news from the Klamath River Basin. On March 7, 2013, the State of Oregon completed its Adjudication of the Klamath River Basin, representing 38 years of work to determine the validity of 730 claims to the use of surface water in Basin. This Adjudication was followed immediately by a declared drought in the Basin, and a call for water by the senior most water users: the Klamath Tribes, the Bureau of Reclamation, and local irrigation districts. With a corps of watermasters, scientists, and policy-makers focused on the Basin, the Oregon Water Resources Department began for the first time in 2013 to deliver water to senior users in the Klamath, according to Oregon water law.