2016 AWRA Summer Specialty Conference: GIS and Water Resources IX
Final Program


Final Program

Final Program

It is fitting that the 2016 AWRA Summer Specialty Conference, GIS and Water Resources IX, will convene in Sacramento, California, also a global economic and agricultural powerhouse. Water drives California's economy and way of life but in recent years its most precious resource has been in short supply. The state pauses at the proverbial crossroads, anxiously eyeing a likely future with less precipitation, continued groundwater pumping, lower environmental flows, agricultural uncertainty and a host of other issues requiring decisions that will shape the state's political, social, cultural, economic, and physical landscape for many decades. Can GIS provide help? That's one reason why we are meeting here.

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Yes, decisions, decision, decisions - the Golden State faces a boatload of them, but so do many other states, municipalities, counties, industries, and regions. Management of water and related resources requires many decisions, both long term for planning and short term for operations management. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) as a technology has been used in the water resources domain since its inception. Traditionally, GIS was focused on data management and processing to streamline development of information products based on spatial data, and was thus a natural fit for water resources implementations. As technology, data availability, and its utilization have matured, GIS is more and more used not only for data acquisition and processing, but also for implementation of decision support systems. The "information" products are now becoming "decision" products that are used on daily basis to support water and land management decisions in many domains that water resources covers. Broad utilization of Internet, wireless, and cell technology in both professional and everyday use enables quick dissemination of decisions and their conversion into actionable items.

The 2016 Summer Specialty Conference on GIS and Water Resources IX will focus on the role of GIS to support better decisions across a broad spectrum of water, land, ecological, and related resources. Topics cover a range from data development techniques to complex computer modeling infrastructures.

The program contains several parallel tracks focusing on:

  • National datasets and data initiatives
  • Big data
  • Flood analyses
  • Eco-hydrology
  • Data and water resources modeling


Mexican Free-Tailed Bats and Yolo Bypass Tour
2016 Summer AWRA Conference

Watch videos of the bats as they stream into the evening sky and are fed at a rehabilitation center

The organization of the program into these tracks allows participants to follow their specific area of interest without program disruptions. Each track tries to provide a comprehensive overview of current techniques in the context of full implementation cycle, from data collection, process modeling, decision making, information dissemination, and action support, as well as preview of future technology and implementation trends.

The Conference Planning Committee has also added some special events to round out your conference experience. In addition to the terrific technical sessions and poster session, on Monday, the AWRA Technology Technical Committee is holding a luncheon meeting and will talk about the Conference Lightning Talk sessions, 2018 GIS conference plans, etc. Tuesday evening join us on a field trip to see the Mexican Free Tailed Bats at the Yolo Basin - sure to be a fun experience! After the conference there is a workshop on Getting to know NHDPlus. Add to that great networking opportunities (Opening Networking Reception, Conference Luncheon, Exhibit hall) and we're certain you'll be glad you came to Sacramento for this conference!

California, here we come!

Dean Djokic
Dean Djokic, Conference Chair
Redlands, CA