AWRA Seattle 2009 Annual Conference
Student Program

Preliminary Program - Student Career Program

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Monday / November 9 / 4:30 PM - 5:00 PM


Student Attendee Conference Orientation
Moderator: Garrett Wallace (invited)
South Florida Water Management District, West Palm Beach, FL

This conference session is open to students and other first-time professional conference attendees.  The goal of the session is to teach students how to “design” their own conference experience and learn proper networking techniques that will offer the opportunity to experience all that the AWRA National Conference has to offer.

Additionally, each session attendee will be asked to spend a moment or two and describe what expectations each has from the conference and the moderator will assist in realizing the expectations.

Wednesday / November 11 / 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM


Student Career Night and Speed Networking

An opportunity such as this comes once in a lifetime! The Student Career Night will begin with a short presentation of success stories from a panel of professionals spanning a breadth of water resources careers. Based on feedback from last year's workshop, this year's session will focus on a wide variety of career options (non-profit to corporate) and will cater to both students just starting to explore their career options, and to undergraduate and graduate students who are ready for work. Students will learn about what experiences and opportunities are available in various water resources occupations and will learn how water, as a career, is evolving.

Following the panel presentation, this session will host an inaugural "Speed Networking" session that will allow students to quickly meet and network with a variety of professionals from the water resources discipline. Students will be paired with a professional member and will have 2-3 minutes to meet each other and to talk about their interests, professional aspirations, and career goals. Unlike "Speed Dating," the objective of Speed Networking is to expand one's professional network, so as to maximize one's ability to refer colleagues to each other. Students will receive practical experience in meeting and talking with water resources professionals from a variety of fields, and will have the chance to exchange business cards. Students will be rotated every 2-3 minutes until they have had the opportunity to meet 20 or more professional members! Following the Speed Networking session, a 30 minute closing social will allow students and professional members to further develop their new connections.

A "night on the town" for students will be lead by the University of Washington AWRA Student Chapter after the career night, with the fun commencing at the nearby Pike Brewing Company Pub.

Both events are free to student AWRA conference attendees, with the exception of the "night on the town" (you are responsible for your expenditures at that point).