2013 AWRA Spring Specialty Conference: Agricultural Hydrology and Water Quality II
Networking Events

"Ask Me About…" Program
Monday / March 25 - Wednesday / March 27

What is the "Ask Me About…" program?

  • "Ask Me About…" is AWRA's way of encouraging fun and informal networking between conference attendees.

How does the "Ask Me About…" program work?

  • Conference attendees wear "Ask Me About…" ribbons on their nametags. During conference breaks, lunches, and networking sessions, attendees are encouraged to initiate conversation with anyone wearing "Ask Me About…" ribbons. The "Ask Me About…" ribbons function as conversation icebreakers, resulting in interesting and fun discussion among conference attendees.

How do I participate in the "Ask Me About…" program?

  • Pick up an "Ask Me About…" ribbon at the conference registration desk. Fill in the blank on your ribbon with a word(s) that provides a clue to your work, background, or professional interests. Attention-grabbing, witty, interesting, yet professional ribbon content is highly encouraged.
  • Wear your "Ask Me About…" ribbon on your nametag throughout the conference.
  • Engage in conversation with conference attendees by explaining your "Ask Me About…" ribbon.
  • For the benefit of the novice conference attendees, experienced attendees should share conference tips, provide professional advice, and facilitate networking with others.

Student Presenter Competition

Monday / March 25 - Wednesday / March 27

Sponsored by:
University of Missouri College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources - Agriculture Experiment Station

Through the "Outstanding Student Presentation Award," AWRA recognizes exceptional student contributions to this Conference. Conference presentations are an important aspect of professional development and AWRA seeks to encourage and support student participation at its meetings, both at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Significance and originality of the material will be fundamental in evaluating the student presentations, which will be judged by the session attendees. There will be an Oral and a Poster winner. Each winner will have their biographical sketch and photo published in an upcoming issue of AWRA's Water Resources IMPACT magazine and put on the AWRA website.

Student and 1st Time Attendee Conference Orientation

Monday / March 25
7:15 AM - 8:15 AM
Grand Ballroom DEFG

Is this the first conference you've been to and you're not sure how to get the most out of the experience?

Then join some experienced AWRA folks who've been to conferences and learned how to successfully navigate the programs, getting the most for their hard-earned money. The goal is to help you "design" your own conference education experience and learn successful networking techniques to guide you to an experience of all that AWRA's conference has to offer. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to share some of your experiences and expectations for this conference.

There is no charge for this orientation.

Opening Networking Reception

Monday / March 25
5:00 PM to 6:30 PM
Ballroom DEFG

This event is included in the Registration Fee. All registered conference participants are invited to attend the Opening Networking Reception. Come greet old colleagues and make new acquaintances. Also, the Poster Session participants will be at their posters to answer any questions during the reception.

Additional tickets may be purchased on site at the AWRA Registration Desk. The cost of an additional ticket is $35.00.

AWRA Fun Run

Tuesday / March 26
6:30 AM to 8:00 AM

All pre-registered participants are welcome to join us for a beautiful, casual 3K Fun Run! The run will follow a course (TBD) that will take in sights near the hotel. After the race, enjoy refreshments and AWRA door prizes!
There is no charge for this event but please sign up prior to the conference using the Conference Registration Form. (Please meet in hotel lobby at 6:15 a.m.)

Exploring Different Professions in Water Resources (For Student Attendees)
Tuesday / March 26
12:00 noon to 1:30 PM

Sponsored by:
University of Missouri
Department of Soil, Environmental and Atmospheric Sciences,
School of Natural Resources
College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources - Office of Academic Programs

There are a variety of exciting professions related to water resources. Understanding the duties, skills, and knowledge required to succeed in different professions is an important step in determining a career path. To help better understand different jobs and employment opportunities in the field of water resources, AWRA is hosting a 1.5 hour speed networking event and social. We invite you to come and interact with professionals from government agencies, consulting firms, non-government organizations, and academia in a fun and fast-paced environment. Lunch is included for those who register early for this exciting event.

AWRA Conference Luncheon

Wednesday / March 27
12:00 Noon - 1:15 PM
Ballroom D

Luncheon Speaker:


C. Wayne Honeycutt, Ph.D
Deputy Chief for Science and Technology
USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, Washington, DC

This event is included in the Registration Fee. Come join your colleagues at the Conference Luncheon and hear Dr. C. Wayne Honeycutt of the USDA-NRCS talk on the present and future prospects for nutrient management and conservation programs in US agriculture. Besides enjoying an informative talk and excellent lunch you'll have additional networking opportunities.

Additional tickets may be purchased on site at the AWRA Registration Desk. The cost for each additional ticket is $40.00.