AWRA 2011 Annual Water Resources Conference
Continuing Education Credits

is pleased to offer the opportunity for attendees of concurrent sessions to earn Continuing Education Units (CEU's).

Conference Sessions

The conference includes 26 sessions in nine time slots from 1:30 PM, Monday, June 27, 2011, through 3:00 PM, Wednesday, June 29, 2011.  Three sessions will run concurrently in each of the first eight time slots and two sessions will run concurrently in the 1:30 to 3:00 PM time slot on Wednesday.

CEU's Available

1.05 CEU's will be awarded for attendance at concurrent sessions in seven time slots of your choice. 

Please note that CEU's are not available for the opening and closing Plenary Sessions or any other scheduled events.  Note also that CEU’s are not available for one-day attendees.   

Sign up and Costs

You may sign up for CEU credit using the registration form in this Preliminary Program.  The cost is $20.00 for AWRA members and $25.00 for non-members.    

Procedure and IACET Requirements

AWRA is required by the International Association of Continuing Education and Training (IACET) to maintain very specific records for the awarding of CEU’s.  Your conference registration packet will include an attendance sheet on which you must enter the Session Number of each concurrent session that you attended.  You also must have the sheet signed by the moderator of each concurrent session that you attend. 

The sheet MUST be turned in to the AWRA Registration Desk upon its completion or faxed or mailed to AWRA within one week after the close of the Conference. This is an IACET requirement and AWRA cannot award CEU’s without this completed form on file.

CEU Awards Procedure

AWRA will award a total of 1.05 CEU's representing 10.5 hours of attendance of concurrent sessions.  Earned CEU’s will be entered into your permanent AWRA record within two weeks following the Conference.  Letters signifying the award will be provided within one month following the conference.  Please note that 0.1 CEU is the same as 1.0 Professional Development Hour (PDH).