2017 AWRA Summer Specialty Conference on Climate Change Solutions: Collaborative Science, Policy and Planning for Sustainable Water Management
Meeting Events


"Ask Me About…" Program

Monday / June 26 - Wednesday / June 28

What is the "Ask Me About…" program?

"Ask Me About…" is AWRA's way of encouraging fun and informal networking between conference attendees.

How does the "Ask Me About…" program work?

Conference attendees wear "Ask Me About…" ribbons on their nametags. During conference breaks, lunches, and networking sessions, attendees are encouraged to initiate conversation with anyone wearing "Ask Me About…" ribbons. The "Ask Me About…" ribbons function as conversation icebreakers, resulting in interesting and fun discussion among conference attendees.

How do I participate in the "Ask Me About…" program?

  • Pick up an "Ask Me About…" ribbon at the conference registration desk. Fill in the blank on your ribbon with a word(s) that provides a clue to your work, background, or professional interests. Attention-grabbing, witty, interesting, yet professional ribbon content is highly encouraged.
  • Wear your "Ask Me About…" ribbon on your nametag throughout the conference.
  • Engage in conversation with conference attendees by explaining your "Ask Me About…" ribbon.
  • For the benefit of the novice conference attendees, experienced attendees should share conference tips, provide professional advice, and facilitate networking with others.

Opening Networking Reception

Monday / June 26
5:00 PM to 6:30 PM

This event is included in the Registration Fee. All registered conference participants are invited to attend the Opening Networking Reception. Come greet old colleagues and make new acquaintances. Also, the Poster Session participants will be at their posters to answer any questions during the reception.

Additional tickets may be purchased on site at the AWRA Registration Desk. The cost of an additional ticket is $40.00.

Grab n' Go Discussion Lunch: Chewing on Climate Change

Tuesday / June 27
12:15 PM - 1:30 PM

Cost: Free - bring your own lunch

Come join us for roundtable discussions around climate change, identifying potential partners, creating relationships, building collaboration among stakeholders, developing sound policy, moving from plan to implementation, and maximizing resilience in sustainable water resources for society and the environment.

Table hosts will facilitate the discussion and offer prompting questions, but the goal is to allow deeper connections to grow. Participants are welcome to share insights with the larger group, individually or through table report-outs. Patterns and collective wisdom will be shared with all attendees through opt-in follow-up and a write-up in the September AWRA IMPACT, and may inform future AWRA programming.

AWRA Conference Luncheon

Wednesday / June 28
12:00 Noon - 1:15 PM

Come join your colleagues for a delicious lunch and some more networking.

This event is included in the Registration Fee. Additional tickets may be purchased on site at the AWRA Registration Desk. The cost for each additional ticket is $45.00.