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Earn $5 for each new member
you bring to AWRA!

Member-2-Member Campaign

As a member, you know that the strength of AWRA is its diversity. Our multidisciplinary nature is our hallmark.

Every day, you connect with prospective AWRA members at work and through professional networks. By tapping into your professional networks and encouraging others to engage with AWRA, you add new voices to the vital conversations that AWRA promotes.

What You Get:

  • $5 AWRA e-commerce credit for each referral: Use toward membership renewal, conference registration and Learning Center purchases.
  • Recognition: Referral participants will receive recognition in Water Resources IMPACT and on the M2M webpage
  • Satisfaction: You have helped a friend, AWRA and yourself. Best Deal Ever!

What They Get:

  • Educational Resources: Conferences and JAWRA, and IMPACT, oh my!
  • Tools to Do Their Job Better: JAWRA, IMPACT, Webinars, Reports and Technical Committees.
  • The Chance to Make a Difference: Network with the top people in the government, academia, and the private sector. Those who understand the value bringing all disciplines to the water resources management table belong to AWRA.

Campaign Guidelines

What You Need to Do:

  • Refer new members or members who have been gone from AWRA for more than two years. This program is NOT valid for members renewing a current membership.
  • Credits earned may be redeemed by AWRA members only. If a membership lapses or is cancelled, any earned credits connected to the membership will expire.
  • Credits earned may be applied to online purchases only.
  • Credits earned may be applied to a dues renewal payment online, a conference registration online, or a Live Learning Center purchase.

What Your Colleagues Need to Do:

  • Referred colleagues must join as new members or members reinstating a lapsed membership.
  • Referred colleagues must identify the referring individual on their membership application. If they do not list your name, you will not receive credit.
  • Referred colleagues must use the online membership application when joining or reinstating a lapsed membership.
  • Referred colleagues must join in one of following membership classifications: Regular Member; Online Only Member, or Student Member.

Tips for Effective Recruitment

  • Add this (or some variation) and one or more of the logos below to your email signature and social media profiles: Proud AWRA member. Ask me how you can be too, for half price!
  • Identify prospective members. Identify individuals in your professional network who could benefit from AWRA membership. When you are networking and meeting new individuals, consider asking them if they are a member of AWRA. Ask about their professional development needs and what types of information or resources would be useful to them. Highlight the AWRA resources that address expressed needs.
  • Familiarize yourself with the benefits of AWRA membership. Visit the Benefits of Membership page on (The comparison chart at the bottom of the page is particularly helpful.) Keep membership materials with you. Download campaign recruitment materials below.
  • Share your testimonial about AWRA. Remember why you joined and how your membership experience with AWRA has benefitted your career. You may have joined because you had an unforgettable experience at a meeting or conference. Perhaps you joined because you read the Journal of the American Water Resources Association (JAWRA) or Water Resources IMPACT and gained some valuable information that you were able to use in your work. Share some examples with your colleagues.
  • Invite them to join. Download the Referral Card template and hand to prospective members. Easy for you, easy for them. The template was created using the Avery Business Card template and will print on any Avery Business Card stock.
  • Refer them to AWRA's website:
  • Share our membership brochure.
  • Follow up with them, if possible
  • Thank them for considering an AWRA membership

M2M Recruitment Materials

AWRA Membership Brochure Web Version

AWRA Membership Benefits
AWRA Dues Table

Drag and drop, or right click and save these logos to your desktop for use in your email signature and social media: