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The Media of Water:
Stories of general interest about water and water issues in the media.
In addition to posts from several AWRA cognoscenti, you'll find links to other water blogs and water websites.
The Gulf's Growing 'Dead Zone'
Time magazine article by Bryan Walsh on the growing hypoxic event in the Gulf of Mexico
NY Times story about an innovative stream restoration
An examination of how much water it takes to produce things by Fred Pearce in Forbes magazine.
Christian Science Monitor visits the lake region in Turkey that is rapidly disappearing.
Links to several NPR stories on levees going back two years. 
 MSNBC map of flood-ravaged reagion with links to video and slideshows.
And here are a couple of interviews with our very own Gerry Galloway (AWRA Past-President) on the state of the nation's levees:
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AWRA Opens
Virtual Exhibit Hall
virtual exhibit hall
AWRA Associate Members are featured in AWRA's new Virtual Exhibit Hall. One of the many membership benefits of the new Associate membership category is visible presence on the AWRA website and an extensive listing in the AWRA Virtual Exhibit Hall.   If your company would like to be included in the AWRA Virtual Exhibit Hall, information is here
Visitors can ramble the virtual halls of the exhibit hall without leaving the comfort of your home or office!  Use the alphabetical listing, or do a keyword search to find what you need.
AWRA Job Awareness Program
Where the Water Resources Jobs Are
AWRA Job Board 
If you have a water resources position to fill or if you're in the market for a new position and want a new challenge or opportunity, visit the AWRA Job Awareness Program and get connected!
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A wide variety of disciplines representing open positions in the private sector, governmental agencies, and educational institutions.  If you're a water resources professional looking for a new job, start here.
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Calls for Abstracts
2008 New Mexico Water Research Symposium
August 12, 2008
Submit Abstracts by:
July 3, 2008
San Diego, CA
March 9-12, 2009
Submit Abstracts by:
July 11, 2008
Montclair State Univ., NJ
October 17-18, 2008
Submit Abstracts by:
July 15, 2008
Newport Beach, CA
March 30-April 2, 2009
Submit Abstracts by:
August 4, 2008 
May 17-21, 2009
Submit Abstracts by: 
September 17, 2008
August 10-14, 2009
Submit Abstracts by:
December 1, 2008 
AWRA Member News
Here are a few items of particular interest to AWRA members:
AWRA's Member-Get-a-Member program is underway!  Talk to your colleagues about AWRA, and be rewarded!  Info at the link.
Current Corporate and Institutional members recently received notification of this change to the membership categories resulting from the bylaws change this summer.  Contact Terry Meyer if you have questions about the new category, or aren't sure what your options are for the 2008 membership year.  You can read about the benefits at the link.


The E-Newsletter of the

American Water Resources Association

Keeping You Connected

June 2008

"If it keep on raining, the levee's gonna break
If it keep on raining, the levee's gonna break
Some of these people don't know which road to take"
Bob Dylan, The Levee's Gonna Break
"Cryin' won't help you
Prayin' won't do you no good
When the levee breaks
Mama you got to move" 
Led Zeppelin, When the Levee Breaks
"Drove my Chevy to the levee
But the levee was dry"
Don McLean, American Pie
Once again, levees are in the news.  Unfortunately, they aren't dry -- they are soaked, "boiling," overtopped, and breached.  500-year-floods are again impacting communities all along the Mississippi River in a tragic replay of the 1993 floods of the same area. In "The Media of Water" I've included a number of links to recent media accounts of these events in the Midwest.
Meanwhile, AWRA is right now meeting in Virginia Beach on the topic of Riparian Ecosystems & Buffers, and plans are well underway for our Annual Water Resources Conference taking place this year where the Mississippi River meets the Gulf of Mexico, and the site of a flooding disaster on the heels of Hurricane Katrina -- New Orleans, LA. 
We've also just opened our Call for Abstracts on the topic of Managing Water Resources and Development in a Changing Climate for the 2009 AWRA Spring Specialty Conference.  While it's slated to take place in Anchorage, AK, far from the flooding, the topic could not be more timely.  We expect to have sessions devoted to drought and flood co-management, meeting future water-supply needs, ecosystem impacts, and water-management challenges.
Join us at any or all of these conferences.
For WaterDance this month, send me your favorite songs about rivers (or other bodies of water), floods, disasters, maritime events, or odes to their beauty ... I'll share your suggestions on the AWRA Water Blog next month, and you can pull together a water-drenched playlist for your iPOD.
Terry Meyer
AWRA Marketing Director
Call for Abstracts Now Open!
alaska tiny 
2009 AWRA Spring Specialty Conference
Anchorage Marriott Downtown  *  Anchorage, AK
May 4-6, 2009
AWRA has been a leader in the national dialogue on many aspects of climate change and water resources. The U.S. National Assessment on the Potential Consequences of Climate Variability and Change took place in the late 1990's with significant contributions by AWRA and its membership. In 1999, AWRA's Spring Specialty Conference on Potential Consequences of Climate Variability and Change to Water Resources of the United States, and was followed by the publication of more than 30 articles in JAWRA.

What has transpired in the 10 years since the
1999 AWRA conference?
How have the predictions and concerns presented in the assessment of these issues developed?
We invite you to submit an abstract 
and plan to attend.
We will have a full agenda covering water resources issues from around the country set in the backdrop of America's frontier, Alaska, during its fiftieth year since statehood. Meeting topics include meeting future water-supply needs, drought and flood co-management, ecosystem impacts, and water-management challenges. Additionally, since the Arctic is a place where change is expected to occur sooner and with greater effect, Alaska will be an ideal place to examine the many changes that are happening locally and effects on meeting the young state's development interests and the nation's energy needs.  
Preliminary Program
Coming Soon!
new orleans header small
Sheraton Hotel  * New Orleans, LA
November 17-20, 2008

AWRA's Annual Water Resources Conference provides a multidisciplinary outlet for any subject related to water resources research, education, and management and, thus, is a forum for all participants in the water resources community. The Prorgam Committee is meeting this week to finalize the program.  Presentations on all topics related to water resources will be on the program.  In addition, the program will include panel discussions and special sessions that consist of linked presentations on a particular topic.

The Conference will include:
  • oral and poster sessions
  • plenary speakers
  • panels
  • pre-conference field trips and short courses
  • networking events
  • student activities 
Attendees will enjoy opportunities for conversations about the many multidisciplinary aspects of water resources, and to make connections that will improve their understanding of the complex water issues of importance not only to the southeastern United States but also to the nation and the world.

Join us in New Orleans for
Community, Conversation,Connections

Water Resources Information
AWRA Launches "Mash-Ups" on:
 If you've ever thought it would be helpful to see all the AWRA resources available on a particular water resources topic, you'll love the new mash-ups AWRA has pulled together on several popular topics covered time and again in AWRA conferences, JAWRA articles, and IMPACT issues.  The links above will take you to the three mash-ups currently available.  More topics will follow! 
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service maps of the National Wetlands Inventory are now available for viewing using Google Earth. The wetlands inventory includes wetlands data for approximately 60 percent of the conterminous U.S., as well as portions of Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico.
US Botanic Garden's Summer Exhibit: One Planet - Ours!
The US Botanic Garden's summer exhibition this year will focus on sustainability - not only how it applies to gardens and the landscape, but also how each of us and our communities can live for tomorrow, as well as for today. 'One Planet - Ours! Sustainability for the 22nd Century' will showcase garden displays on the Conservatory Terrace and interpretive and sculptural displays in the National Garden and Bartholdi Park. It's open now through October 13.

The Green Parent

The Green Parent by Jenn Savedge is a resource for earth-friendly living.  While it's title implies its only for the parents among us, the tips, tools, and resources included between its covers can be used by anyone wishing to live a more environmentally responsible lifestyle.  The publishers of The Green Parent have teamed up with AWRA to offer this handy publication at a discount AND support the AWRA Richard A. Herbert Memorial Scholarship Fund.  Each book purchased online between May 1 and July 31, 2008 will have an additional 5% discount off the already dscounted online purchase price of $9.95.  The discount and scholarship proceeds also applies to any of their eco-merchandise line (books, games, bags, etc.). Simply visit the link, create your order and on the payment page enter "RHMSFUND" in the "Special Offer Discount Coupon Box" and then click "Update Price."
Recently, AWRA's "books-on-demand" provider for out-of-print publications has stopped providing this service.  If you are interested in a single article ($15) or a complete proceedings or monograph, send an email to A complete listing of available publications is provided at the link.
AWRA State Section Activities
Florida AWRA State Section
Key Largo, FL
July 24-26, 2008


Other Water Resources Conferences

HydroVision 2008

Sacramento, CA

July 14-18, 2008


Fourth IWA Young Professionals Conference

Berkeley, CA

July 16-18, 2008

Penn State University  *  University Park, PA
July 28-31, 2008

Building Sustainable Communities for the 21st Century

Charleston, South Carolina

August 12-14, 2008


Fifth International Engineering and Construction Conference

Univ of California, Irvine

August 27-29, 2008

San Diego, CA
 September 2-5, 2008
Portland-Lloyd Center, Portland, OR
September 15-19, 2008 
Madrid, Spain
September 15-19, 2008
Cincinnati, OH
September 20-24, 2008
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

September 21-24, 2008

San Antonio, TX
October 7-9, 2008

Las Vegas, NV

October 8-10, 2008


Fourth National Conference on Coastal and Estuarine Habitat Restoration

Rhode Island Convention Center * Providence, RI

October 11-15, 2008


International Conference on Nonrenewable Ground Water Resources

Portland, OR

October 13-14, 2008

Coastal Georgia Center  * Savannah, GA
October 14-16, 2008


2008 AIH Annual Meeting & International Conference

Houston, TX

October 19-21, 2008

UNC- Chapel Hill, NC
Westin Seattle  *  Seattle, WA
November 16-19, 2008
Astor Crowne Plaza  *  New Orleans, LA
November 16-20, 2008 
AIT Conference Center  *  Bangkok, Thailand
World Water Forum V

Istanbul Lutfi Kirdar Convention & Exhibition Centre  *  Istanbul, Turkey

March 16-22, 2009

Wasser Berlin Exhibition * Berlin, Germany
March 30 - April 1, 2009
8th Conference and Exposition of the National Hydrologic Warning Council

Vail Marriott Mountain Resort & Spa  *  Vail, CO
May 18-21, 2009 
Vancouver, BC, Canada
August 10-14, 2009





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