2022 Annual Water Resources Conference Call for Topical Sessions

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NOTICE: This is not a hybrid conference.

UPDATED: May 16, 2022


AWRA issues its Call for Topical Session Proposals. If you want to ensure that a particularly important water resources issue (Pacific Northwest-centric or not) is addressed at this year's conference now is your chance. Let us know of an oral topical session - Technical, Panel or Workshop - that you would like to convene at the conference. The topic can be one of science, engineering, policy, law, management, governance, institutions, education, economics, the environment, etc. The only stipulation: it must be related to water. Check here to see the conference topics list to get an idea of what AWRA attendees are interested in hearing. Note that the list is not all-inclusive. 

AWRA's Presentation Format:
  1. Sessions are 90-minutes long. Individual Technical presentations are 15-18 minutes long with a minimum of 2 minutes for Q&A with each speaker.
  2. We accommodate three to four oral presentations in each session – no more than four maximum.
  3. Concurrent sessions typically are held four to six sessions at a time. This means you may not be able to attend every session you would like, because some will be at the same time, but it allows us to accommodate many more sessions and presentations.
Topical Session Submission Instructions
Step 1:

How to submit? The submission process is now closed. 

  1. Title of your session.
  2. Indicate if this is Panel, Technical, or Workshop session. If one Technical session, abstract submissions will be added as planning committee sees fit. Please click here for a description of a panel, workshop, and oral session
  3. Convener(s), affiliation(s), email and phone. If a particular organization is sponsoring the session, please indicate.
  4. Brief description (c. 150 words) of the session: what it will cover, why you feel it's significant.
  5. Potential presenters, affiliations, emails, phones, and the tentative titles of their oral presentations. NOTE: The presenters' names and affiliations will be listed in the program EXACTLY as submitted in the abstract submission system. Please review before you submit. In addition, presenter designations will not be included in the program.
  6. For Technical Presentations: a minimum of four oral presentations is required. Additional oral presentations should be in multiples of four. For Panels: a minimum of two panelists and one moderator is required. For Workshops: the number of participants is arbitrary (please provide an estimate) and at least one person must lead the workshop.
  7. If two or more proposals cover a similar topic AWRA may require that the proposals be combined.
  8. Proposal submitters will be notified of acceptances, rejections, or modifications in mid-March.
All sessions that do not include the necessary submission instructions will not be accepted. The planning committee has the authority to move or add sessions to balance out the full program. 

Step 2:

If your proposal for a Technical presentation is accepted, the presenters will submit their own abstracts when that time comes. For Panel and Workshop presentations only one abstract is required, which the proposer should submit. Please note: AWRA is unable to support the abstract submission and registration fees and travel expenses of presenters. Please inform your potential presenters that they or their organizations are responsible for their expenses.

Questions about submission? Contact AWRA:
Dresden Farrand
Email: [email protected] 


All conference participants (presenters, moderators, panelists, etc.) must register at the appropriate registration rate. AWRA Gateway members are not eligible for discounted conference rates. The registration fees are the major source of funding for the Conference, and the sharing of registrations is prohibited - every person attending the conference must register. For presenters, if two or more individuals will be presenting, each individual must register for the conference. This includes: all technical session presenters; all panel session presenters; and all poster session presenters.

All conference participants must adhere to the AWRA Code of Conduct. Cancelations must be made in writing. Refunds are not allowed for Early Bird Rates. We can transfer your registration to someone else by October 19, 2022. Those cancelations received by October 19, 2022 will be subject to a processing fee of 25% of total fees. No refunds will be given after October 19, 2022 - no exceptions! Abstract submission fees are nonrefundable. Refunds will be processed after the conclusion of the conference.

Register for Conference

Speaker Registration Forgiveness Application. AWRA staff and the conference planning committee know that certain presenters may need registration forgiveness to participate in an AWRA event. The 2022 Annual Water Resources Conference Planning Committee has a limited number of registrations they can offer and have the right to accept or deny a forgiveness request. Requests must be submitted by June 20, 2022. Click here for application details.


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