AWRA 2022 Vaccine and COVID-19 Test Requirements FAQs

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UPDATED: January 6, 2022

Q: I need a negative COVID test and proof of vaccination to attend AWRA 2022 Conferences in-person? Why both?
A: The safety and security of our attendees, staff and vendors as well as their families, including those who have children under 12 who cannot be vaccinated, is our top priority. You can contract and spread COVID-19 even if you are vaccinated. A pre-travel COVID test can help identify asymptomatic carriers and alert those individuals that they should not travel.

Q: What types of COVID tests are acceptable?
A: Viral tests are acceptable, either molecular (Nucleic Acid Amplification Test - NAAT, e.g., PCR, RT-PCR, LAMP, RAPID) or antigen. Molecular Tests tend to be more accurate than antigen tests, but either type is acceptable. Antibody (serology) tests are not suitable for this application.

Q: How far in advance of my travel to the conference do I need to take a COVID test?
A: AWRA is requiring that all attendees receive a negative COVID test before traveling to the conference. We initially requested that this test be taken within 72 hours prior to travel, but we understand that this timing may not be possible for some travelers due to local testing capacity and demand. The aim is for you to receive your results before you travel, in order to help protect the health and safety of all meeting attendees. This will also be required of all AWRA staff, and vendors attending the meeting.

Q: Where do I get a COVID test?
A: Please visit your state, tribal, local, or territorial health department’s website to look for the latest local information on scheduling a test. You have three months to make an appointment and take a test or order one online.

Many commercial pharmacies also provide free diagnostic testing.

Q: Will AWRA be testing on-site?
A: We do not have plans to provide on-site COVID testing, but there will be local providers where you can book-ahead for an antigen and PCR testing.

Q: What types of vaccine are acceptable?
A: Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, and AstraZeneca.

Q. How will I show proof of vaccination/upload vaccination cards?
A: You will upload your documents in your AWRA account via the COVID-19 Documentation Verification Tool

  1. Sign into your AWRA Account.
  2. Click your name in the upper right corner to take you into your account.
  3. Click the tab labeled ‘COVID-19 Requirements'.
  4. Please use your mobile device to take a picture of each required document, and upload to your account.




Q: Are digital scans or photographs of the proof of vaccination acceptable, or should I carry around the certificate?
A: Digital and/or photocopies are acceptable. Many restaurants are also requiring proof of vaccination to sit indoors, so please plan accordingly.

Q: If I’m not allowed to attend in person because I am not vaccinated or am unable to take a COVID test, what options do I have to present? If online, how does that work?
A: This conference is an in-person conference only. No exceptions.

Q: If someone tests positive for COVID after the registration cancellation deadline, will I receive a reimbursement?
A: You will receive a credit for a future AWRA offering. Please email [email protected]

Q: Are there any medical or religious exemptions for the COVID vaccination requirement?
A: No, not at this time.

Q: I am not vaccinated; would I be able to provide proof of a negative test everyday while there?
A: Unfortunately, no.


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